can't fight the moonlight...
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2002-09-27 01:35:12 (UTC)

why am i surprised?

well, i'm not. not really. just pissed and hurt. corrine
kissed sardou. ooh, a kiss, yipdee shit. she could have at
least have had the curtesy to tell me. but, of course, she
didn't. and she *won't* tell me. god, shes a bitch. like,
really really really a bitch. *she* kissed *him* not good.
shes pulled it before. w/ nikki and mike and nikki and
jared and i was so grateful that she wasn't pulling crap w/
sardou. guess it was too good to be true. ryss told me, and
in some ways i wish she hadn't cuz ignorance is bliss and
all that fucking bull shit. arg! and i love sardou to
death, hes like my best friend and, yeah, maybe i kidna got
a thing for him still. i know he still likes me, but i
wouldn't date him again cuz i don't want the complications
in my life. i shouldn't be possesive of him. but if she had
just come up to me and said "look, i wanna bang sardou, no
strings attached," or "i really like him" and just made
sure it was cool w/ me than it would have been!! i woulda
said, sure go ahead, not even cuz i really didn't care but
cuz i don't think its fair to say no. but i should have the
right to. or at least the oppurtunity...god, it sucks.

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