Who Wants To Be Ordinary, In A Crazy Mix
2002-09-27 01:24:48 (UTC)

Friends and Gilmore Girls - Never Ending Tales

I am such a sappy person! I watched the season premiere of
Friends, and I cried through the whole thing! I mean, I
never really watched the show before, I watched it
occasionally, when something good was going to happen, like
Ross andRachel's baby, Monica and Chandler's marriage, but
after this, I am addicted. This show makes me forget
everything - I can just chill out, laugh, cry, and enjoy the
show. It's so touching. Same with Gilmore Girls. I cried at
the season premiere of that show too! I totally feel
connected to the characters, and I actually talk to the tv
anmd give stupid advice to the characters, like they can
actually hear me! It's weird, I know, but it's fun.

*More about this later*