My so-called life
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2001-07-27 22:29:55 (UTC)

mmm---- do ya like my name, retro huh?

yeah so--- here begins the online diary of cayla-- let me
explain myself i'm 15, going to be a junior,( i know what
your thinking a little young for my grade, but i'm turning
16 in october) umm i'm not going to explain physical
because that's dumb, this is a diary, not an online dating
service--- so enjoy-- i guess.
yeah--- where do i start, there was a fire that got really
close to my house last night, kinda scary huh? it was right
at the top of my hill, just think if the wind had been
blowing a different direction--my house whould have been
gone. I started thinking about what i'd bring (maybe this
will help you get to know me more). I'd of course bring the
basic's; clothing, pictures, any money i happen to have,
and my books of course, i don't know what i'd do without
books, probably shrivel up in to a pile of laziness and
failure. Let me explian my attachment to books-- my whole
life i've always loved reading, and i'm so lucky i do
because let's face it without it, i'd be nothing just
another lazy hyperactive dumb bitch who really didn't care
enough to do anything with her self and her life (that's
still me-- just take out the dumb)ugg i'll have to finish
later my mom's home and i don't have a computer in my room
so she'd try to read my stuff or something later---

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