Lil Bean

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2001-07-27 21:53:29 (UTC)


Hey... Today was an all out boring day, and I didn't have
shit to do..Cam's in N.C. But i can still talk to her
online and she's comin back Sunday. I think this will
prolly be my last entry cuz no one needs to know my
personal shit and i doubt they care that much anyways.Well
i've been really confused lately about a bunch of shit and
I don't know what im gunna do about it yet, i've talked it
over with a few people and they've told me what to do, but
i cant listen to other peoples advice about my life and
tellin me how to live it. I don't care what people say
about me if they have some shit to say,say it to my face,
and the same goes for them, if i have something to settle
with someone then i will go and say it to their face, not
like i have anything to lose. I swear, some people are so
gay...wont say who in this cuz that would be retarded isn't
that right .. I've learned a lot over the summer this year, and not
to let everything get to me. My dad is trying to get me into this
modeling thing and i really don't wanna be in it, so i don't know
what's going on with that just doesn't sound interesting.
But this coming school year will be my first at FHS and i think im a
totally different person than i was last year if that's even
possible, cuz everything will get a lot more serious during
highschool, like these relationships could be long lasting
and "serious". But i don't know what im doin as in that term.... it's
not important to me right now, that's the least of my concerns and i
just want to have fun and shit around this year. Oh well...i've got a
lot of thinking to im out..bye.