Pandora's Book
2001-07-27 20:54:01 (UTC)

the package

July 27, 2001

I got a message about my last post about Brad and judging him
by the way he looks. It helped put things into perspective
for me. I hang around with him and like him as a friend so
obviously Im not that shallow. There just isnt any chemistry
between us... I thought it was because of the way he looks,
but I have no problems being seen with him or anything. And I
dont think he is ugly.. he just isnt hot. It's the whole
package (icluding personality) that isnt working for me.
There, I feel better now that I have figured that out. I
like him as a friend, but not as a lover... Only because the
'whole package' isnt right for me.

I named my foster kitten Mooch. He eats anything, and begs
for anything! I cant believe he is trained to come running
when he hears a beer bottle opening! Thats just not right
*l*. I have an alcoholic kitten!

I workd until 3 today... I was really busy so it didnt seem
like too long. I had a cool time I guess... well, it wasnt
torture to be there or anything!