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2002-09-26 23:31:52 (UTC)

Been thinking bout it all day.

Last night, my boyfriend and I got in a really big fight.
Actually, I'm not sure if it was a big fight, but it was
bad. He said some stuff to me, that made me really start
to think. And I *know* that I'm living my life wrong...
but I don't know, I just keep doing it. And for some
reason, even though I know Kevin will get mad, I keep
telling him what I do. Is that a sign that I really love
him? I mean, I try and not to tell him stuff, but I end up
always telling him everything. Or is that I just don't
have respect for his feelings??
He said I keep hurting him.. and every time I do, he's
going to cut him self harder and deeper. I don't want him
to one day suddenly get a vain and die!! I would probably
kill myself... I love him too much. When he told me that,
I asked him Then why do you keep puttin up with my shit
for 3 years? He just said "Because I love you" . And for
some reason, I knew that was coming.
I've never seem him like that. It scared me alot. That
night will haunt me forever. I don't want to lose him,

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