ramblings of this hopeless romantic
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2002-09-26 23:15:14 (UTC)

Damn it gets cold quick up here

hey all. damnit itz too damn cold!!! and itz only
september!! what's up with that? anyway, i ended up not
going to sleep last night cuz of chem. i've been falling
asleep in all of my classes. i look like crap today. i'm
dreading what i'll look like tomorrow. . .oh well. i'll

god barret's hot. i say that at least 50 times a day. .
like last night i looked like i was gonna cry and he put
his arm around me and let me rest my head on his shoulder
and chest and he laid his head against mine. i think he
smelled my hair--i think that's sooo cute!!! it would be
so nice if he showed some interest in me. but he only sees
me as a friend and i'm not gonna push it. i think he's
making an effort to seek me out now. . .or maybe i'm just
imagining things. earlier today i threw my shoe at david
cuz he was being stupid and david threw it to barret and
they were playing around cuz they're both sooooo much
taller than me so they kinda have an advantage. barret
finally gave me my shoe back and i gave him a hug cuz he
was being kind to me :) and he picked me up. he's very
tall--6'1"--as compared to me at 4'11".

god today was horrible. i was sleepy all the time. . but
hey i passed the 'quiz' in piano and got to leave really
early, and i didn't do too bad on the last quiz in theory--
all i did wrong was give the relative minor of E major as
d-flat minor instead of c-sharp minor. i'll live.

lol this morning at my lesson me and my teacher ended up
talking about squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks and guinea
pigs. yup, really constructive there. and she got me
another cadenza for the mozart in g and it sounds sooooo
much better than the cadenza i had learned before. i'm
playing my recital on november 15 and hopefully i won't do
that bad. there's no way in hell that i'm gonna play the
entire concerto (ed) and take up like half of the concert.

geez i can't stop thinking about barret. carrie's been
telling me that this thing with leah won't last very long
but i have my doubts. . and he does only like me as a
friend, or at least that's what nate told me. well, i can
always dream.

never again am i taking one of these damned online ap

"If you love someone, let them go. If they return to you,
it was meant to be. If they don't, their love was never
yours to begin with. . ."

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