elaine thoughts
2002-09-26 22:22:26 (UTC)

sept 26th thoughts

lets see i woke up and was bleedign very heavy as well as
cramping .it hurt alot ,i had set my mind to go get job
today goto ihop at least ,but this happened MUST BE THE
STRESS im dealing with .making my body go nutts,well got
up online asked my friend to clal my ex bf jail he said ok
hell do that 3way thougt was very nice of him .found out
leeny still in custody have no idea went on with plea
hearing and well in records said he still there doesnt no
how his personal beign is but no medical reports of
anything so .im sure hes there thinking and wishing he
never shot out windows before ,im sure when your in jail
you think a whole lot all the time ,i sent off a letter
tell ing him i still loved him but if hes in there for
years i cannot be with him wishing him the best in
life ,sad your prty much forsed to move on cause someone
you caree d about idsin jail .very sad,well maybe tomorow
will do aply at ihop i guess tata for now