Who Wants To Be Ordinary, In A Crazy Mix
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2002-09-26 21:59:36 (UTC)

That Special Someone

He's that special someone. I know that every girl in the
school likes him, and that he definetely doesn't like me,
but I like him so much that it hurts - I mean, I dream
about him! He's like - the boy-next-door. Never swears,
never puts people down, is polite, sweet, kind, a momma's
boy. And me - I'm a foul-mouthed, tall, kind of on-the-
verge-of-a-psychotic-breakdown girl. Not exactly the best
match, but it's a girl's preogative to dream, right? But I
can't help it. I mean, my best friend in the whole wide
world is also in love with this kid, and like, I don't want
it to be wierd if he starts to like her. I mean, they're
like the perfect match. She's just like him - sweet, kind,
the girl-next-door. And I thought my life couldn't get any
worse. My best friend, and my biggest crush - even bigger
than Jimmy! - liking eachother. It hasn't happened yet, but
it might. And it kills me to say it, but I don't want it
to. I love this kid, and so does she, but if I face
reality, she'll probably end up with him, not me.

Who want's to be ordinary,
In a crazy mixed up world?
I don't care what they're sayin',
As long as I'm your girl


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