In the End
2001-07-27 20:17:07 (UTC)

Weekend Adventure

This weekend I'm going to visit my sister. My friend Ka
and I are going...tomorrow morning we're going to a
marina! I'm terribly excited. I've never been to a real
marina before, I've only strategically placed them by water
in the game SimCity. I'm looking forward to the boats, but
not the water. I'm not a water person.

Don't get me wrong...I don't hate all water. I feel the
need to express that due to the fact that every time I
admit to "not being a water person", the response always
seems to be along the lines of "Haha, so you don't
shower?" Yes, fool, somehow I manage to never take a
shower and yet not have dirt all over me and not smell. I
shower! Daily even. I just don't like water when it's
deep and muddy and you can't see the bottom and there is
the prospect of things being in it that sting and bite.
Oh, and waterslides...I've never been a big fan of those
either. That one I can't explain. They just scare me.
I'm a dry land kind of girl.

I'm a big dork.