this incarnation
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2001-07-27 19:07:01 (UTC)

$ spell work

moon in second quarter 4:08 a.m.
1st scorpio

i just found out i have the night off work
i really dont feel like going out
it being a quarter moon and all
Id much rather spend this time doing spellwork
i love "me" time
the moon is waxing
meaning its building up to a full moon
spells at this time should be focused on attracting
as where waning
full to new
should be focused on releasing
just because Im happy that i dont have to work
dosent mean Im exiced about not making tonights pay
i still need money in my pocket
so i will do a prosperity spell
for this i will need the appropriate tools
green candles and stones
the proper annointing oils and herbs
$ symbols a hundred should do quite nicely
all other tools i already have
everything new and old needs to be cleaned first
then of course reikied
i could have all the tools and words in the universe
but thats not what makes the spells
tools are just that tools
in order to achieve the desired results
the mind power has to be there
i need to use everything that is inside of me
the tools only help me focus
i must visulize the money as if it is already mine
pockets bursting
bills falling from the sky
rolling around in green stacked to the ceiling
throwing handfulls in the air
smell it
fresh new clean crisp bills
feel the joy as if i had just won the lottery
live in this moment for as long as i can
as my candles burn
NEVER blow candles out
let them burn out
6 inch candles are perfect
they burn for about 2 hours
preperation takes longer than the spell itself
so i need to get started
Im all out of green candles so i need to go shopping
-------------------what a beautiful day--------------------