This is the beloved air I breathe
2002-09-26 12:58:47 (UTC)

I still exsist

I know that I probably don't have like this huge following,
but in case anyone was wondering where I am, I'm still Connecticut plugging away at my college
education, busy as I ever have been. One of the most
amazing things about advancing up a grade is that you get
more classes that require more work and more attention.
I'm an English Major...which means that I have no shortage
of papers to write and books to read. C'est la vie. (Such
is life) I remember saying that all of this busy stuff
reminds me that I'm still alive.

I'm an RA this semester and that poses it's own unique
opportunities and challenges. There are also the perks. I
have my own room. I love it, but I never have a free
night. Every Friday night I'm doing duty...I guess it's a
good thing that I never partied. I guess that wouldn't
effect it too much anyways, 'cause Thursday night is party
night, right?

So, I'm still In love with this guy. It's taken me so long
to realize that it was God speaking to me and not myself,
but a summer away from home and spending much needed time
in consistent prayer and petition has led me to believe
that God has been guiding me in this direction from the
beginning. I see His hand working in all things.

It's scary to put your trust in someone you can't see,
hear or touch, isn't it? I mean I Can't see God, but I
know he's there. How is it that I can be SO sure that He's
speaking to me? What, is it like I hear voices or
something? Well, a relationship with God is like a
friendship. Have you ever gotten really close with a
person? I mean REALLY close... if you got a phone call and
someone on the other line just started talking, you'd know
it was them right away, right? It's because you know their
voice. You have gotten to understand the way that they
speak to you. There's a scripture verse "my sheep know my
voice and her me, and I call them by name" That's
paraphrased. I'll bet that bothers some of you, sorry.

I need to go, but I'll continue later.

I like feedback