The Story of Me
2001-07-27 17:09:45 (UTC)

Completely Random Thoughts

I'm in random thought mode today...trying to find the
answers to some really weird questions. No, I'm not messed
up, I just think differently..

*How do they get the holes in Swiss cheese? Are they put in
there after the cheese is formed, or is it molded that way?

*And why do they have the same flavor of cheese in
different colors? That unnatural orange cheddar cheese
isn't too appetizing. It looks radioactive or something.

*If you could live forever, and was able to travel at the
speed of light, would you ever reach the end of the
universe? Is the universe this vast never-ending thing, or
would it circle around itself. Sort of like when people
used to think that they world was flat, but when they
traveled it, they found it was round...hmmm..makes you

*Why did they make green ketchup? It still taste the same,
and the only thing it is good at doing is turning your
tongue and teeth green. Don't be surprised if you don't see
it on the shelves too much longer

*Why are Tums an excellent source of calcium when you
aren't able to absorb it? you need stomach acid in order to
absorb calcium, and the Tums buffer that acid. Defeats the
purpose, don't you think?

Okay, really...I'm not weird. I guess random things pop
into my head. So, if anyone knows the answers to these
comletely random questions, don't be afraid to send some

More later I am sure.