Meshed Up
2002-09-26 11:17:10 (UTC)


i am fucking sick and tired of being seen as the irrational
person. as the bad guy. as the fucking pathetic low life
creature who doesn't know anything but to get all worked up
about other people.

i have a fucking right to my own emotions. i have a right
to cry and scream and be angry. just because she seems more
rational doesn't mean she's right and i'm fucking wrong.

just because she seems oh so decent and un-flirty and just
because i'm so damn sensitive that i cry over the silliest
matters doesn't mean i'm the bad guy!

i am not fucking blowing things up. i'm just hurt and mad
and bloody angry! why can't you understand that?! why can't
you understand that i am not you and that i get hurt easily
and that i get mad easily too?

why can't you understand that i am not as tolerable as you
are? that i give a damn about what other people say about
me? why can't you understand this need in me to silence the
people whom i think have wronged others? why don't you see?
why don't you see that i am hurting?

fuck this. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.