Meshed Up
2002-09-26 10:18:43 (UTC)


realized that i am capable of doing a lot of things
whenever i'm angry.

realized that i should learn to control my temper and my

i can do a lot of crazy things. especially to the people
that i hate and despise.

ahh she's such a shit ass loser. i wish i can confront her.
i wish i can meet her and tell her all the things she said
about me. wish i can talk to her and tell her how hurt i
was and how pissed off i am at her.

if only he would let me talk to her then i would. i would
plague her until she finally agrees to meet up with me.

if only he wouldn't stop me. if only i can see her face to
face. look her in the eye and spit out everything that i
detest about her.

in my anger i shall try not to sin. but i have a feeling i
will. i can't help it. i already have. will most probably
continue to. because she's irritating. annoying. just
because she's good looking and rich and spoiled doesn't
mean she should be given everything her selfish little
heart desires.

fuck it. i don't wanna take this shit from her anymore. i
hope she breaks down and cries. i hope every person who
steps into her life will break her and hurt her so badly
that she would want to die. i hope she receives from other
people the words that she said about me. i hope she suffers
so much that death would be sweet to her.

stick and stones may break my bones but words will never
hurt me.

we'll see about that.