April Wynn

April Wynn
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2002-09-26 08:51:10 (UTC)

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Well today was alright i guess. I didn't get to see very
much of Diana. My math teacher is an oger. Tonight i went
to the dance...woohoo. The one guy i wanted to look at me,
slapped my ass and that was about all. I was the first
chick picked to dance up stage! (i always am...at any kinda
dance or party!)Then a couple cowboys ( it was a western
theme)that were drunk came on the stage and both fell off.
lmao. We weren't aloud to go out to smoke so i just smoked
in the gym...there were a couple of us, and even some kids
smokin weed!I lost Diana about a thousand times, but we
always found eachother when we would be dancing with some
guy. Anyway, the hottest guy who was single was standing
there...so i asked him to dance and he accepted...but the
mofo didn't know how to dance! well, i think he was just
very shy, because when i got closer (the song was Pony by
genuine...come on you have to get close!) he got
nervouse...but i had noticed he was like that with
everyother girl to, so no biggie there. But i couldn't
believe that he didn't know how to dance. Aly played the "
wall flower" and just sat there with her friend Joanna. Get
this...two majorly cute boys asked her to dance...and she
said no!!! then they both gave her their phone numbers!
Anyway, i was the cutest cowgirl there! The yearbook
commitee took tones of pictures of me dancing, well i hope
they were for the year book...? The DJ did a free style
compitition, and yeah the mic went to Diana but she passed
it to me, so i spit somethin original and I got a "WOOHOO"
from the croud. It was great, I felt real good about
myself. Anyway, i talked to micheal today to and he seems
alright. Although we didn't talk for very long but hey...
atleast he's talkin to me. Could be worse...he could think
I was a total bitch and I could never hear from him again.
anyway... yeah i think i hurt his feelings, or made him
upset anyway. I didn't mean to, but i guess i went about it
the wrong way. anyway y'all who know me, know what i'm
talkin about. Anyway i am really tired so it's bed time for
me. :P nighty night