It smells like poop over here
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2002-09-26 08:30:07 (UTC)

cumbia de los muertos

just random thoughts of a fuckin idiot at 4:26 in the
morning...my dick hurts from jerkin it too much...i feel
sick after every cigarette i have...i want those 4 warm
beers in the basement fridge...passed the cemetary gates...
you ever just wanna pack a bag, hop in your car and
drive until you think your outta the way? i wanna do that.
i guess that's running away. i want to run away. just up
and leave one night. but of course, i can't, cause i have
resposibilities. im not responsible, but if i runaway, ill
run out of money pretty soon. i only have like $53 cash on
me. i most certainly won't get into state or eastern after
skipping so much school, claudia will be pissed, but would
probably gimme my job back. my might probably get a little
concerned about where i am. my friends. i think i can make
new friends wherever i end up...california. living in my
bro's car, finding people to chill with and just barely
living by just barely getting by. that'd be fun.