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2001-07-27 16:28:20 (UTC)


hiya!! well, im writing in my diary a bit earlier today, as
big brother is on later on for most of the nite, so i wont
b online! ive had a pretty cool day today! blue were on big
breakfast this morning, and lee was so cute! the presenter
asked him if he liked being famous and he went: (in his
cute voice!) 'we dont see ourselves as being famous, we're
just normal guyz innit?!' aww bless him! and then he was
describing the new single going: 'its all soul n that,
total soul' and then they took the mick out of him and he
blushed and went: 'oh im off back to sleep!' and laid down!
bless him! he is soooo cute! went into town and got sum
stuff for me hair. i seen my cousin vicky too i havent seen
her in ages so it was nice! i met her boyfriend too and he
is nice! she is pregnant again! yay! it was mad up there
today, coz everyone is on summer holidays now and its
crazy! i had my hair trimmed...well actually i had an inch
cut off! it looks weird! its quite a bit shorter and coz it
was so long before it looks a bit strange! it looks nice
tho. im gettin it highlighted next friday. yay for me! lol!
well i havent got much else to say, except im missing lee
already :( ive seriously fallen for him! i like him so
much, he is funny and sweet! and he is caring too. ah love
is a fickle thing!!! well, until tomorra....

TODAYS MOOD: excited
SONG OF THE DAY: Blue 'Too Close' (YET AGAIN!!)
LAD OF THE DAY: Lee Griffin (Coz i miss him!)