And now for something completely dumb
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2002-09-26 06:51:46 (UTC)

They say it takes one person to..

They say it takes one person to make you change. I never
wanted this, but I can't help it. I'm trying my hardest
not to...I'm slowly becoming an asshole. I'm trying as
hard as I can not to be, but I'm getting so tired of being
treated like shit. I waited for my time to come as long as
I could. I figured that if I made others happy, before
long I'd be truely happy too. But I'm starting to think
that nobody cares how they treat anyone else, just so long
as they get what they want or they're happy. Well, if
that's how it is, fine.

I give up on girls. I'm not a very religious person, but I
must be one of those people that God has picked to be
single for the rest of my life. Fine, its for the best.
This way, I don't get hurt. I'm tired of caring about
people that don't give a fuck about me. They don't care
about me, I'm not going to care about them. What the fuck
happened to people caring about others feelings? Am I the
only one that does?

I'm getting tired of girls saying that they're different.
That they'd never do anything to wrong me. That's the
biggest load of bullshit ever.

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Cigarettes thus far: 24 hrs without even a little drag
Dumb thing done today: Woke up today

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