my life
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2001-07-27 16:22:16 (UTC)

Fri 7-27

ok, its like noon and im still in the bed, big surprise. i
didnt get home from my date with david until like 1:30 in
the morning this morning. gosh, that date was an
experience. i went to his apartment to pick him up bc he
doesnt have a car here. when i got there he wouldnt let me
come in bc he said his roommate was fighting with his
girlfriend. so, we went to the mall and bought movie tix
and then went to dinner. while we were sitting there
looking at the menues, he looks over at me and is like, im
really sorry, but would you mind paying for your own
dinner, i didnt bring enough money bc i didnt think this
was a "date." i was flabbergasted. i said ok, and got the
cheese sticks, one of the cheapest things on the menu.
luckily for his rep he bought the movie tix. next we went
to a candy store in the mall and got some candy, which i
had to pay $.79 of. then we went to the movie. we were
flirting most of the time, and we fed each other pieces of
candy during the movie. it was all very corny. the movie
was cool, better than i thought it was going to be. we saw
swordfish with john travolta. oh, yeah, and david said he
is an education major who wants to teach 4th grade, how
weird is that? thats what i want to do. after the movie we
went back the apartment. i told him i needed to use the
bathroom and asked if i could use his. he said sure. then
asked if i wanted to stay and hang out watching tv for a
while. so we watched jay leno and talked. we started to
thumb wrestle and he said that if he won he wanted a kiss.
i was all about that, so i gave in, without making it look
like i did, and let him win. he kissed me and we started
making out. about 20 or 30 mins later we were both in his
bed completely naked. he really wanted to have sex, but i
had to stop him. he never got off and when i said i had to
leave, he made some stupid joke about blue balls, and i was
like, well, i guess you should have bought me dinner. he
walked me out to my car and gave me a kiss goodbye. i
really dont know if we will go out again. it was a weird

i talked to caleb this morning, i called to ask if he
wanted to meet me in jax for dinner when i drove through on
my way to daytona. he said he had to work, and i was like,
um, ok, nevermind. then he said he would, but i could tell
he didnt want to. so i was like, just dont worry about it.
he got annoyed, and so did i, so we got off the phone and
he just told me to call his cell and he woul decide later.
then i called him back and was like, look, i need to know
so i know when to come. he said, well, i dont know what my
plans are for tonight, so no. i said ok and we got off the
phone, after i made him feel sufficiently bad. i called
jamie to see what he was doing, and he has a golf game from
2 to 6, so he said he would try to meet me later in the
week sometime. he put me on hold, then never came back, so
i hung up. i checked my voicemail to see if he called and
he had, he said sorry for hanging up and he would call me
later in the week to do something. right after i got off
the the phone with my voicemail, caleb called. he said, so,
did you talk to anyone else? i said no. he said he wanted
to meet at 8, so i guess we are going to meet. we got off
the phone and i got online. then he signed on. he started
telling me about a kit and rims for his car, then said he
wanted to call me. so he did, and told me about his speech
and how he made some guy in his class cry when he gave his
speech (how sweet). then he started asking about david and
our date, and david's car. i can tell it really bothers him
that i am going out with another guy. i made it seem like
he has a really nice car, even though he doesnt. oh well,
caleb will never find out, right?

so, now that i am meeting caleb at 8, i dont need to leave
here until around 5, so now i have nothing to do for 5
hours. that means im not going to get to daytona until
around 11, mom and dad are going to be so pissed. dad told
me to not be too late bc he was going to worry. ugh. i am
an adult, i can be as late as i want. they are the ones
that are making me drive my car when i didnt want to, i may
as well take advantage of it. oh well, maybe i will meet
someone really interesting in daytona while im laying out
by the pool. we are staying at this hotel that we have
stayed at before, but i really wish we werent. i dont like
it too much. but, there isnt much that i can do about it.
ok, i guess im going to go now. i am going to bring my
computer with me and hopefully there will be somewhere
there for me to get online. i can only hope. ta ta!