My so called life...
2002-09-26 05:37:29 (UTC)


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I just don't understand. What are we suppose to do? The more
I live, the less I understand about life. As a child, I
though you were suppose to goto college and get a job, raise
a family and die. Well, I've finished college and have a
job but I don't find any satisfaction in it. What's the
point of it all. All I do is make a little more money for
some fuck that has too much anyways. I work in finance, so
basically I make money for people. Not for those who need it
the most, not for the ones that work 12 hours a day trying
to feed their children and put a roof over their heads, but
instead the fuckin' fat fucks that live in exclusive beach
front properties, spend hundreds of thousands a year on
private golf memberships, and drink $500 bottles of grape
juice. These fuckin' bastards make their money from people
like me, from those hard working people under me. The ones
you say hello to in the halls but forget their faces once
you turn the corner.