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2002-09-26 05:00:19 (UTC)

coming out

i think we can finally say that i have made at least
minimal progress here...duh, she knows... but it had
everything to do with me admitting it to her and such.
schrodt and lauren elizabeth ripley were so in on it all.
so, yeah... i kind came out and said that i realy did like
her a lot... and vaguely (only cause i am a wuss
according to lep) - but yeah - apparently katie is officailly
old news. mixed reaction there. i hope she as well as
amanda are not hurt. i am positive bo no knows the
truth... or at least most of it... i intend on telling her all
about everything... but i am positive, that, even now... the
only thing that could possibly happen would be
rejection.. i am scared... where do i go from here? this
probably does not have to be as complicated as it

someone i greatly admire is currently telling me the
most devestating things... way to ruin the mood...
haha... i feel so... trusted... but yet i am bothered that,
first of all... he's hurting... which includes full out tears...
and second... that i can't help him... i just want to reach
out and tell him it will all be ok someday... things will
work themselves out

let's just hope things end for the better

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