It smells like poop over here
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2002-09-26 04:52:47 (UTC)

girl, you'll be a woman soon

i left this alone for a few days, to see if anyone
would send me feedback. no one did. my last entry was a
little pissed off. i told people not to write to me. either
they took my advice, or they just didn't read, because no
one cares. true, im not a mad as i was the other day. i
don't know why i was so angry, and that's all it was,
anger. frustration was ripping my mind apart. what to do
about it, i still don't know. i want to quit smoking, stop
drinking and give up pot, that is before i really get
started in all that shit. that's another whole world i
don't need to understand. even though i've caught a glimpse
of what it's like. i don't really want to or feel the need
to drink or toke again, and i just feel guilty when i smoke
now. knowing that it's not good for me, and won't help me
lose more weight.
what to do? i don't know. i need to get outta this
town. it's living with my mom and my brother in the fucking
house in this fucking town that's driving me ape shit. just
the pressures all around. i need to get outta here. how am
i gonna get into state? ill go to eastern, then joe can
join me up there in september. that'd be so cool. getting
fucked up with joe, living as a please, no worries. i know
it's not all gonna be shits and giggles, ill need a job,
depending on where i live i might have bills and rent n
shit like that. ill need a car and lord knows what else.
but it's the living experience that i need, and to get the
fuck outta the HW. place is driving me nuts.

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