Reinhardt boy

A funny thing called life!
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2002-09-26 02:56:19 (UTC)


Well tonight i went with lindsey and summer to church and
then to the gym.Every thing was good untill after the gym
she had to do somthing she didn't want to. I didn't make
her do it but she kind of blamed me but that is was
well worth the blame she was so beautiful. she hates doing
gymnastics. i didn't make her but she was great and i will
never push her in to doing any thing that she doesn;t want
to. I don't really know the whole story about it but what
can you do. I thought she really was mad at me when i left
i don't understand why i am so confused at the moment. I
hope she isn't. when i left i got the cld shoulder and it
kind of reminded me of an x thatused to just leave me
standind there looking like a moron. i figured she was mad
when we got back to her house but i couldn't understand why
it was like she was staying away from me i din't know what
i did. so ther i was again confused. I guess it is funny
that way. I hope she knows i care alot for her hell i go to
chruch with her that sould tell alot. I was going to do
somthing for her but i am afraid to because my freind
joesph was going to do the almost the same thing. i think i
will anyways. it was funny joesph told me on monday what he
wanted to do and at almost the same time i was like i was
going to do somthing like that to. when she reads this she
will know what iam talking abut but you know what she
doesnt' know when i will do it i will suprise her oneday.
well if she doesn't hate me forever. I wonder if she really
blames me for tonight? who knows/ when we got bakc to her
house they summer and lindsy satin the car and i got out,
when they got out summer was like were good now. and i was
thinking what!! but all in all i still was happy because i
was just around her. I really hope she doesnt'give upon
this thing that we have. well there isn't much i could do
if she did. She is great i don't understand waht she sees
in me anyways. But i see evrything in her, Her smile and
eyes, looks . peronality, uniqueness and most of the time
happines. Well i guess i will go now but i will be back

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