Jena's Rants
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2001-07-27 15:08:17 (UTC)

Return of the Words...

Liberated believer whisper delicate
dream essential ache or cry
finger hobby luscious honey
bitter fox as velour
dying gardens may never recall spring

Drunkard plays the fiddle
foiled in the void
antennas ripple dangerously
I think they despise communiction

always beneath an innocent dream
like you behind a lovesick angel
dress dirty, recall whispers
shake her sky.

if i could recall one gift of the sun
it would be summer crush and kissing friends
how the raw lazy obsessions would cool
kissing you is always a delicate affair
death only to those sordid details
headaches in these lovesick times
the bare black blue purple skin
the hope's hopeless bitter vision
as my smooth silk rose
when life felt ugly
sinister shadows fell
do stare at me he said
delicious with weakness
he asks all boy like
still innocent.