Book of the Purple Faerie
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2002-09-26 02:37:57 (UTC)

A New Reason to be Happy I'm Me ^_^

School this week has been exceedingly... pleasant. ^_^

I went home last weekend for Kyle's birthday and managed to
get all of my weekend for this week finished. So Sunday and
Monday were spent hanging out and playing Kingdom Hearts. I
am so not used to adventure platforms... this game reminds
me of a combination of Spyro the Dragon and Crash
Bandicoot, except better 'cause it's Square. Don't get me
wrong, it's a GREAT game! Lots of fun! But I'm just too
used to purely RPGs. So it's a bit of an adaption. But I
encourage people to go out and buy it! You'll like it, you
really will!

Well, our room has become a bit of a hangout place recently
(YAY!). I don't like monopolizing anything in our room, so
while Heather was absorbed in Moulin Rouge one night, I
returned to something Jason had asked me to continue: My
Chibi Comics. I did one on the spur of the moment at the
library waiting for Public Speaking one day and he loved
it! Everyone did! I felt the art was pretty crappy at
first, so I was hesitant to continue, but I did anyways.
The plot was of our initial trip to the Clearview Mall to
get Kingdom Hearts and it nearly KILLED my roommates! The
next day at lunch, Jason and Hack were presented with it
and were exceedingly amused. Everyone presented ideas for
me to do next... I felt special. The next comic was a take
on a book entitled "14,000 things that make me smile", only
altered to: 14,001 things Jason likes to bite".

Well, Jason was feeling under the weather this week... he
came back from his weekend at home really sick. So that
chibi was for him specifically, to make him smile. And it
worked. ^_^ So the next night, when Hack was over and
playing Kingdom Hearts, I did a comic concerning how tall
Hack really is. Everyone laughed so hard, it just made me
so happy! ^__^ Jason wants me to copy the comic onto
tracing paper and let him scan them. He even made a section
on the website he's working on called SRU Chibi Comic. I
realize that this is will be a continuing project (I
already have some 18 concepts for chibi comics lined up),
but one thing I do not have is a name! I've been
considering Slimy Pebble, but I don't know... It's gotta be
something that captures the spontaneousness and wackiness
of the comic. I guess I'll just keep thinking. I also need
a new folder to keep the tracing paper copies in.

But anyways, I've got a new reason to be happy! And at the
same time, I feel like I finally found something unique to
contribute to the group... And a light load of homework for
next week as well! And Chief might visit soon too!

Life is wonderful ^_^

I'm no artist, but hey, I'm working on it! At least I'm