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2002-09-26 02:30:39 (UTC)

Sept 25

3 months till christmas.. haha

Anyways... SO nothing great happend today. I went to my
classes, then came home and studied..

*I was making plans for friday night, cause if you didnt
know im going home. So I'll update you on that when it

~For the past two nights, i have smoked it up with
Malyssa,, shes coming over tonight to smoke me up again..
God i love that chick...

BTW: I havent smoked a cig all day.. I'm so cool. Cant
wait till friday Im gonna buy a pack of cloves and a pack
of cigs!! ahhhh its gonna be grrrrrrrrrreat.....

Me & Carl's song of the day.... Underneath it all by No
Doubt.. We highly recomend making out to this song. Try it
out and get back to me with details..

So right now i am totally drinking the best cup of tea..
in my lobster guiness cup.. wasssssssssa im bored

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