I am a goddess
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2001-07-27 13:31:16 (UTC)


Theres this guy Michael, he is gorgeous and he is a dick.
He fucks me around and really pisses me off but i can't
help but fancy him. you see i'm at the stage where all i
want is a bit of sex and a few kisses and cuddles now and
then, i don't want a serious relationship, i want an open
relationhip where i can get with other people without them
getting mad. Unfortunately there are not many people who
share these sentiments and i was speaking to michael about
it. He says thats what he wants too, i don't know if thats
a hint as hes invited me to a party hes having soon as his
parents are on holiday. Maybe we'll get tapped, not arsed
really all i want is a bit of fun, nothing too serious.

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