of little importance
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2002-09-26 00:44:29 (UTC)

as they run through my head

looking at the world through darkened glass
staring at the sky with open arms

on the outside looking in you could never understand
on the inside looking out you could never explain

why did you "need" to tell me that? i don't understand.
what were you trying to accomplish? what kind of reaction
did you want? were you trying to upset me? make me
jealous? hurt me? get my approval? tell you that it's
okay to move on? what was it? what were you looking for?

so lost
so far away

i want to know
i want to see
i want to hold you
and believe

why is your life my fault? i don't understand. if i'm so
horrible, if i cause all these bad things, then why are you
friends with me? why is it different when i'm not around?
why are you so different? what did i do to "deserve" to
get treated this way? is it to make yourself bigger? is
it to make yourself feel better? does it raise your self
esteem? what is it? what are you looking for?

so many tears
but no regrets

i don't want to go back there
i don't want to experience that

no more pain

i hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean
whenever one door closes i hope one more opens
promise me you'll give faith a fighting chance
and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
i hope you dance

i thought i lost you somewhere
but you were never really there at all

just to get away