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2000-10-29 23:05:41 (UTC)

DEAR DIARY, My name is Sondra,..


My name is Sondra, I am mother of three kids and married deaf guy. I am deaf too. I am telling you
what I am doing today. I know today is backward one hour to get dark tonight at 6 PM . Make me so
sleepy. I hated it! I like at 8 PM dark coming.... Can't wait next year will be better.

Anyways... I am goal about my weight loss.. I have been frutation with my weight loss. I had already lost
weight 52 lbs from July 21,1999- July 30,2000 gained going up to 20 pounds already! Make me so mad!
You can't believed that I already gained last July 30,2000 - October 29,2000 with 20 pounds! Make me
so pissed it off! I need step by step over again with DR. Atkins. I am member of Dr. Atkins online. I am
having nervous breakdown due with my fianance income. I don't work anymore. I am housewife... I have
soical secuirty income due my health problem from my lower back and being deaf ( handicapp). Can't
wait for my SSI coming this FEB 2000 will be increase will be smoothly with my fianance. Right now I have
is half income small short-term... That 's why I gained my weight being depressing... but otherwise, I am
allright =)

I guess I feel so lousy today because of weather cold really bad make my lower back kill me spams...
That's life! I am sorry if I am online for very short time. I need to do something else right now. I will be
back online later.