A Ballad of Excellent Destruction
2001-07-27 10:01:37 (UTC)

pizza in a stick, cool

::music:: :paul olkinfold: :the future:
::mood:: :good:

wow what an odd evening i had its now 5:42 in the am, i
haven't slept because the guy across the street got off
work early, he knocks on my door at 3:00, saying something
about a pluming problem, something about empty pipes. N E
way, i told him i could help but at 3 am the only place is
the good old city, that's the only place at the god
forsaken hour, g i love the city, so we drive this is a 20
in drive, Alas the guy still has the donut on his car from
when he popped the tire, so the drive took all most an
It was worth the ride, i didn't think Id see my friend
redds there but i did, running into him was the best thing,
I know redds he wont let me go home empty handed. on the
way home i got pizza in a stick, kick ass! I guess that's
what happens when you lived in a city, like as if the
friends you make are unlike any you made before, they don't
shallow in a false pretence of the anomalies of life, seems
to me the become long lasting friendships. But the mooching
black man for the apartment above fled the state with my 50
bucks, but o well. well it was fun to get out of the house
for a bit, its strange as to what can happen when you stay
up late

see yah