Sic (SickLid)

Twisted Thoughts & Ranting
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2001-07-27 09:42:04 (UTC)

That show RULED!!!

I didn't talk much after leaving the stage. I showed my
appreciation to our fans and friends, but I was reserved.
That - by no means - was any display of my reaction to the
show. Shows just do that to me. I know the rest of the
guys in the band were excited and I'm glad they took the
opportunity to truly express it. I love this band. If I
ever forget to express that, I hope to look back to
tonight. The club wasn't packed, it rarely is - especially
on the weekend. However, as usual, SickLid got the best
crowd response among our peers (meaning we did better than
the other bands). I dominated the stage for those 45
minutes and all the songs were well organized. I'm glad
everyone loved Carbon Copy because I was a little nervous
after the last show. It went beautifully. Now that the
Vicodin and beer is kicking in, I'm off to bed. Sleep
well. Check out for more info on the band
and shtuff. Late.