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2002-09-25 22:20:53 (UTC)

a letter to my special someone

I actually haven't had the chance to talk to my special
someone lately.....actually it's only been like a week and
a half but it feels SO much longer. I haven't really talked
to him about some of the things I'm like feeling with this
akward situation so I decided that I'm gonna write this
entry like i was writing it to him. (even though he'll
never read it) I think it'll make me feel a little better. it goes:

Dear Matt,
How r u? I haven't talked to you in what seems to be
forever. Andy's gonna try to get you out here again this
weekend just a warning. This whole long distance thing is
so confusin to me but you like totally know what u're
doing. Sometimes I wonder if you think about me, if you
have a gf now, if you're really as sure as you seem. Do you?
Are you? Would you ever believe me if I told you I was the
TOTAL good girl? lol. Guyz really are like into me this
year....but the guyz at my are immature and just kinda
mean. Besides they don't even come close to you. You're
like the sweetest guy I've EVER met and you care. I haven't
told you yet that kyle likes me again this year and I
probably never will but I know that he's not gonna be there
for me if something happens this year....but u will.
Sometimes I'm afraid you'll forget me....or when I call you
you'll think I'm ova the top that's why I've only called
you once. and ever time I say something to andy about it he
reassures me that you're ginuwine and not like that. I
dunno I just doubt myself a little too much. You've been
everywhere lately. I must have heard toast like a million
times this week and complicated and yes Sk8er Boi. maybe
the distance is just REALLY gettin to me now. I dunno....
I miss ya SO much and hope to get you out here soon!

That does feel betta lol!

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