I am a goddess
2001-07-27 09:20:08 (UTC)

The goth/ sk8r look

I listen to what many people class as goth/sk8r music but
do not have the look of either a goth or a sk8r, this seems
to cause a problem where i live as many people don't
understand the fact that you can like a type of music but
not want to dress accordingly, it seems as rock music gets
more popular that to be a goth or a skater is considered
cool, so the people that were dressing like that to get a
bit of individuality are now swamped in what i
call 'wannabes. Its a shame as i used to admire poeple who
dressed in the gothic style, now i just look at them and
go "Oh, theres another goth type', which i think is a pity
really. People always thin out of school i would be a goth,
i'm always dying my hair stupid colours, at the mnute its a
more sedated red so they get a suprise when they see me in
what they would class as normal clothes. I refuse to use te
word normal, ever. It all boils down to what the person
thinks normal is so therefore you can't really use the word
normal unless the person or people you are talking to have
the same idea of what is 'normal' as yourself.