The Chronicles of My Life
2002-09-25 21:54:41 (UTC)

I haven t written in a long..

I haven't written in a long time. I don't know why I'm
writing now. I'm just this bored. Once again, I'm not a
class officer. For the second year in a row 3 popular
girls beat me out. That bites. Over the summer I read all
of Tom Clancy's books. That was great. Next week is
homecoming. That should be pretty cool. I might actually
dance with somebody at the dance for once! Maybe. I asked
this certain girl last week, but, being a girl, of course i
couldn't get an answer. She pretty cool, but I don't like
how girls make you waitso long to find things out. Its
just nerve wracking (however you spell that).
Getting off that subject, The Wild are undefeated so
far in the preseason! Its pretty cool. Sergey Zholtok
already has a hat trick. It would have been great to watch
if it was televised. I have to go color my mitchondria
thing for biology. Until Later.