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2002-09-25 21:23:52 (UTC)

I'll Protect your heart....(To Krista)

I never want to see you cry,
But if you do, cry with me.
If you're upset I'll more then try,
Anything to make you happy.

If you're going to cry, don't cry alone,
Let me come, so I can hold you.
I want to listen, to your feelings, your tone,
So that I can understand you.

And when I know whats going on,
Your secrets are safe with me.
If someone is going to treat you wrong,
I'll protect you from them, you'll see.

If sometimes, I can't be here,
To your heart, lend me the key.
Then no one, from you can draw a tear,
Because your heart is safe with me.

When I come home I'll give it back,
So you can have control.
If someone steals it, and you're attacked,
I'll get it back, to heal your soul.

When its better I'll do my best,
To ensure you no more pain.
I'll protect you, so your heart can rest,
And help find what you wish to gain.

I'd go to ends of the earth,
For a blade of grass that you desired.
Never, could be measured; your worth,
Doing things for you? I'm never tired!

I did not write this poem i found it on