2002-09-25 21:21:37 (UTC)

oh baby why wont you answer me


i got my tests back. both.

88 in psych.
100 in db.

yay for that. im happy with myself. i owe me ice cream.

i had lunch with mommy today. it was really good. i love
her so fucking much man. like so much.
im excited to go to tampa with her next week. i have that
like warm fuzzy nervous feeling about it. =) im such a

i have this huge paper to write and ive been working on it
all afternoon. now its time for a nap because i couldnt
keep my eyes open any longer.


im so glad that jen is working for me tonight. shes so
great. i love her.

another good day as far as my mental status goes. yup.
its funny i always viewed not caring about shit as giving
up on things. now i think im realizing more and more that
its a good thing. who knows. im not really thinking about
it too much. go fig. =)