The Game
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2001-07-27 07:19:31 (UTC)

The Voices....

*Calvin glances up from his book as the room dims and talks
over his shoulder.*

[Calvin] Hey Hobbes, check up on our boy.

*Hobbes grumbles as he walks over to one of the monitors.
The screen flicks to an external view at his command.
Hobbes grunts and taps a few keys. The Audio feed loads
into the speakers and Steppenwolf echoes through the
recesses of the room.*

[Hobbes] Nothing has changed, he is sitting at his computer
as usual.

*The monitor fades to black as Charles blinks. "Magic
Carpet Ride" ends and a Queen song starts playing through
the speakers.*

[Hobbes] He really isn't doing much.... it looks like he is
watching files download, how sad.....

*Calvin stands from his chair and joins Hobbes at the

[Calvin] Why is he still at home?

[Hobbes] *looks ashamed* i'm not sure.... i gave the rest
of the Voices the day off..... so no one was watching the

*Calvin growls in frustration. He nudges Hobbes out of the
way and begins scanning the back logs. A quite clicking
sound echoes through the room and they both look up.*

[Calvin] The other's are on leave right? *Hobbes' nod is
answered with a few choice curse words as Calvin reaches
for his gun.*

*Comprehension dawns on Hobbes' face and he turns to the
internal scanners. Calvin's Desert Eagle barks twice at
movement in the shadows.*

[Hobbes] Shit.... sheer boredom has spawned a random
thought..... *The screen blinks a warning and Hobbes' face
is over come with terror.* it wants to call Jenny!!

[Calvin] Don't let it get to the core!! *He dashes for the
main corridor with his pistol at the ready. Hobbes grabs
his rifle and follows with a remote console.*

*At the end of the corridor looms a large metal door.
There are jagged grooves cut into the surface. The two
Voices stop before the door and look around the antechamber

[Calvin] *Runs his fingers over the claw marks.* It hasn't
gotten to the core..... why would it give up?

*An angry hiss comes from the shadows above them. The two
Voices curse as they hurl themselves to the side. A dark
shape lurches to the ground. It's hide ripples as it
flexes it's clawed arms. The Thought rears up on it's hind
legs and roars at the Voices.*

[Calvin] Shit..... that is big!!

[Hobbes] He must be more bored than we imagined.....

*The Thought lunges forward and brushes Hobbes aside with
ease. Calvin puts three rounds into its chest and then
rolls to the side. The Thought screams in rage as the
bullets rip into its chest, but it doesn't fall. As it
turns towards Calvin, Hobbes takes it in the back with his
rifle. The force of the rounds knocks it to the ground.*

[Hobbes] *Clutching a gash in his arm.* I haven't seen one
that big before.

*The Thought surges to its feet and knocks the rifle from
Hobbes' hands. It lifts him easily, its claws digging
deeply into his side. The Thought grins, revealing row
upon row of wickedly curved teeth. Its smile fades as a
hammer clicks back. The shotgun blast takes it in the side
and hurls it to the wall. While it is stunned, two Voices
rush forward and pull Hobbes clear.*

[Calvin] Do it!

*A third Voice comes forward with a napalm cannon and
torches the Thought. As it burns the screams can be heard
in the deepest recesses of Charles' mind. The anguished
cries slowly die off and the Voice cut the flow.*

[Calvin] Clean this mess up.... get the research team on
finding something for Charles to do..... lets not let this
happen again....