Random Thoughts, Fun Times, and General
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2001-07-27 06:40:24 (UTC)

July 26, 2001 -- Ok, so I've been lazy for a few days!

Oh well, what can I do?! I'm in the middle of a long work
stretch again, and I'm devoting all my creativity to
writing erotic fiction. Good gawd, I'm a fuckin moron!

So, my ex boyfriend Brad will be in town tomorrow. As a
testament to myself and my unwillingness to hook up with
him, I decided NOT to clean my room or my bathroom. That
will just motivate me to keep him away from my house!
Can't fuck in a messy bedroom!

His whole deal is that he will smoke me out if I bathe
him. BATHE HIM?! What the FUCK do I look like, God damn
Mary Poppins or something?! Am I his nanny? Jesus H
Christ on a popsicle stick, he must be smoking crack if he
thinks I am bathing him for pot. Well, I told him I would,
but if he thought I was serious, he's on somethin.

Here are my questions for the day:

1. What is the meaning of life?
A. To perplex and dumbfound you beyond end. Just when you
solve the mystery, you die. *Insert annoying Alanis
reference to the song Ironic here*

2. Where does that other earring go? (Girls know what I'm always have one, but not the other...much like
A. I dunno where they go, but whoever's finding them must
have an interesting collection of mismatched jewelry, eh?

3. Who picked words? Like, who decided a fork should be
called a fork? Why was a fork not called a spoon?
A. See answer for question 1.

Blah lalalalala...I need to get back to writing this
story. Peace out party people!