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2001-07-27 06:34:40 (UTC)

what the fuck you know

i guess its over.
and i guess this is just it.
i wonder what happened to all the words.
i guess it was just all bullshit?
so like all of that.
has added up to what.
and this. is just. it.

its funny because you know.
this wasnt even my fault.
all the hell i gave myself.
and it wasnt even me...

i fucking knew.
you know.
i fucking knew.
and what the fuck did i do.
what the fuck do i always do.

ohhh so its just a big FUCK you ashley.
you know.
after all my time and my effort
and the fact that i cared.
and gave up shit and like trusted you
and fucking whatever.
im not MAD at you.
so dont think i am.
but i have a right to be upset.
you know.
fucking...whatever man.
i love you and im not mad at YOU.
im not.
im just WAY fucking sad.
and i mean how else shoudl i be
i understadn the situation.
you know.
it just kind of you know.
for me.
and i dont know if i can keep talking to you
lol like seriously.
its fucking three in the FUCKING morning.
i cant do this not sleeping not eating shit
i cant care anymore
if youre not going to
you know?

if youre going to give up.
then i guess i sort of have to.
i didnt want any of this.
i fucking didnt.
but you know
its the way life goes right lol
fucking whatever man
HOW fuckign MUCH am i supposed to deal with here fuckgin
god or whatever?
you know dude
fucking man
what the fuck
what the FUCK did i do SO fuckgin wrong to have to deal
with this shit
is it because i care
and why is that fuckgni bad
im going crazy
i seriously cant take anymore of anything.
not after this
not after all of this.
fucking you know.
im not going to ever be happy sober.
point fucking blank.
and im tired of not being
its way too hard for me to feel
i feel more than most people.
and i guess thats my character flaw.
you know.
what kills the hero or whatever
cuz its fucking
killing me.

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