Squeeb's world
2002-09-25 18:45:52 (UTC)

Walking Disaster

Ok this story will make you laugh. The past couple days I
have been making a true "Klutzy77" out of myself. Let's
start with Saturday, shall we? I went to get my bridesmaid
dress altered and managed to catch the zipper in the lining
so the dress ripped. Thankfully it was on the inside so no
one will notice it. Anyways then yesterday- this was
classic. I managed to catch my necklace in the curtain on
the front door, then I got lost going to my interview, got
there, knocked repeatedly on the wrong door, though no one
was home, went to leave and discovered my keys were locked
in the car. I walked three miles to a payphone on my
sprained ankle, damaging it more, had to call my Dad to come
with the extra set of keys... walked back to the car after
discovering that the woman WAS there. Hoo boy. It was not a
happy day. I just wanted it to end. Now it seems amusing but
at the time it was NOT and my nakle is very sore.

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