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2002-09-25 17:47:42 (UTC)

Rainy days...

i hate rain. it rains all the frickin time here. anyway,
we're getting penpals in precal from a 1st grade class at
an elementary school in traveler's rest. mr. butler took
our pictures today during class so these kids will get to
see what we look like before we meet them and such. lol we
mr. butler told us to go away until 10:00. that meant an
hour to do whatever we wanted. me, maggie, abby, david,
nate, barret:), rachel and leah went back to the dorm and
vegetated for an hour. it was great.

i talked to nate last night about the whole thing with
barret. this morning he told me that barret thinks i'm a
really nice person, just not someone he'd date. great.
looks like i make an idiot out of myself every day then.
he's obviously got this thing for leah, but some other
source tells me something strange. . and i'm not at
liberty to say it myself. all i know is that i like
barret, and if he doesn't like me the way that i like him
then i may as well forget about him. simple as that.

rain makes me sad. i'm sad. rain also makes my knee, ankle
and back hurt. for some reason my old major aches hurt
when the weather is bad. i hyperextended my knee
simultaneously 4 times. i broke my ankle 2 years ago and i
didn't know it was broken so it healed wrong. i strained
my back carrying my quads (drumline). i almost fell on my
ass eariler when i walked in the door of the dorm.

itz kinda funny, this feeling inside. after wind ensemble
today i left and i was halfway through the courtyard when
barret called out my name and i stopped and waited. we
ended up walking back to the dorm together. i don't know
why of all ppl he would ask me to wait for him. prolly cuz
maggie and abby were almost at the dorm and i was the
closest one. great. i'm a last resort now. i think forest
wants to have a talk with me during dinner today. she
noticed that i'm looking so good today (i'm sad remember)
and i think she can tell that i'm bummed about barret. too
bad i have to go to a chem meeting at 5 tonight cuz i have
to fax in stuff today. dumb lab. i don't like labs.
they're a pain in the ass.

"The greastest thing you'll ever learn is just to love,
and be loved in return."
-Moulin Rouge

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