2002-09-25 13:59:40 (UTC)

He's so sweet

ITremains2000: I just read your note, thank you. It was by
far the sweetest thing anyone has ever sent me. Hmmm, I
don't know what to write back. Sorry you couldn't sleep
last night. I hope you have enough energy to face the rest
of the day. Are we still on for 1230 in front of fleet?
Candi, I don't care if you think you talk too much, or if
you fall asleep when I see you after a long day, or even if
you think your legs are too fat. None of that can take away
from how beautiful a person you really are.

Auto response from CandiCat314: she drives the way she's
used again but nothing's different
she'd stay the night, but knows he doesn't care... and she
wants to be a model
She wants to hear she's beautiful
she's beautiful
I Wanna Save You. I wanna save you
I need you to save me too -
Something Corporate

CandiCat314: thank you for the sweet reply. I'd love to
meet you at Fleet for lunch today. See you then:-*

Auto response from ITremains2000: Makin' coffeeeee!