cosmic ski slopes
2001-07-27 05:28:12 (UTC)

Work + Previews at a Movie Theater

Well, mom made me leave before the preview :( but I got to
see Phil lots. He came in on his break, around 730, then at
9 when he got out of work, then around 11 to hang out with
us all until quitting time. He met my mom, she really likes
him- I'm allowed to see him now :))))
All the guys at work found otu about our 'date' last night.
They were all makin' fun of us and stuff- ofcourse. It was
pretty funny too cuz half of "the guys" don't even work
there! they just spend every waking moment at the theater.
I didn't really get it until I got to be friends with them
and now I do it too!! Well Michaela (a college student frmo
GWU in Washington, DC) says that this kid Lamoly has a
crush on me cuz he follows me around the plave even on his
nights off... he's weird. Nice and all, kinda cute but not
my type AT ALL. So i get really happy when Phil shows up
and I ignore John (LAMOLY). I dunno, I'm trying really hard
to stay unattatched cuz I've been screwed over so many
times and I've been hurt so many tiem sand he leaves in the
fall anyway for NJ (he's going to Seton Hall). So we're
dating I guess, or 'hanging out'. Even though he promised
to come in tomorrow after work and we're gonna go see a
movie saturday before I work and Sunday we're going to
spend the day together then go to Chelle's house to hang
out with her so her and Jon (one of Phil's bestfriends) can
meet up and hopefully hook-up.
Well, it's late *130 am*
So I'm gonna go to bed, I'm u at 7 for work again... two
jobs, gota love it :)
*ps, Chelle- I think even the Ryan Revelation isn't enough
to stop me form dating... u know? It feels so right to just
hang out...