Northern Belle

This Belle's Life
2001-07-27 05:11:07 (UTC)

I have a new diary for the world to read!!!

Hi all
i just started this cuz a pal of mine told me to join and
read her diary! So i did~ anyway
i better get to the good stuff! i have a bf ( Chris) but i like
a another guy (derek) and it would really anger me if
one or both of them read this but thats besides the
point!!! But i am going camping this weekend and i am
brining Jen ( a pal of mine)! it might be fun i dunno!!
well i gotta go i hafta get up tomorrow moring kinda
early cuz i help out at the library! well se you all later!!
PS i hope my font doesnt suck and how do you change
fonts anyway if you know how to help me plz!!!!