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2001-07-27 04:58:30 (UTC)

more ims w/ brenda

Koul tshik: what's ur name?
BabyLatina9086: brenda
Koul tshik: kool
Koul tshik: oh mine's ashley
BabyLatina9086: i know
BabyLatina9086: timmy kept callin u ash
BabyLatina9086: remember?
Koul tshik: i don't like it though that's y timmy calls
me baby princess most of the time(XCEPT IN THE CHATS...)
Koul tshik: oh yeah...
Koul tshik: i'm a blonde
BabyLatina9086: but u dont act like one(HAHA!)
Koul tshik: i do a lot of the time...and only blondes can
make blonde jokes(SO THERE :-P!!!)...timmy was bein mean
and makin fun of me (:*()
BabyLatina9086: dont listen to him
Koul tshik: :-/
BabyLatina9086: 8-)
Koul tshik: lol sara just got offline and she's all "good
luck w/ ur man"(I REALLY FRIGGIN WISH)
BabyLatina9086: u ok?
BabyLatina9086: oh
Koul tshik: not really, but i will b(MAYBE...)
BabyLatina9086: ok
BabyLatina9086: dats good
Koul tshik: i guess so
BabyLatina9086: it is trust me
Koul tshik: if u say so...
BabyLatina9086: i do
Koul tshik: i g2g, ttyl
BabyLatina9086: where
BabyLatina9086: ?
BabyLatina9086: u cant leave now!
Koul tshik: bed, i'm getting yelled at again
BabyLatina9086: oh ok
BabyLatina9086: bye
Koul tshik: i'm sorry, g'night