A Ballad of Excellent Destruction
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2001-07-27 04:33:18 (UTC)

music and a poem

the lungs exhaled the smoke
the choking i kept inside
sweet lasting formation of my brain
slowing the sin of the insane

to feel in the deepest recesses
of your seances, the slowing
it pours fire into my lungs
seducing my breath
crushing my guilt

emerging to the fantasies
the forbidden delight
the fruit is ripe
forever feeling numb
in the fury of intent....


no more pages of hipocracy, the agonies ignite my
hate,perish,with the scilent luxuries, no fairytails decide
the fate, fever runs hot, explodes within, burn, a new kind
of life rejoice,fury of the stolen pride,churn, the sour
words leak from my voice.

dirty, cant disinfect, excrudiating filth, deminishing, the
off spring of atrocities, aroused with indulgence, the
deciples to the sensations, vicious, all devouring,
thickining, red of kings, voluptuous frenzy, somersault of
the tempers, submerge with in the dust...

human mind, god of self, sinned by choice actions reek,
erupting,valcano of insanitys, lacking new enthusiasms,
mingling with the feloneys, perpetual web of my crimes...

-CANDIRIA- pages

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