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2002-09-25 08:04:50 (UTC)

~*~ToDayZ* tUeSdAi* YaY *yAy~*~

ite, ish muh first entry!! whoOp WhoOp! so yeah, todai i
woke up latish... put on NO makeup, EePp eeP! I walked by
myself cuz allie leff b4 meeh :( An i ain't boutz ta walk
wit matt (ewwishness) den i had science which was aight,
afta dat at break i saw StEvEn (cuteishness)hehe i heard he
kinda likeZ meeh YaY! he had his new IverSonZ on... dey
kyoote TOOz! he looked dayum phine today tho (grey
sweatpantZ rolled up wit a black nike shirt and da
sweatbandZ) drop dat like ish HOT! i saw TonE too, she
gammie a note, it was cute we gotta chill dis weekend! so
off to pottery i amZ onlie to find outZ we switched seats
(uh oh) it turned out prettie much all goodZ XcePt Cameron
ish at muh tableZ (nastyishness) but he sits far enuff away
dat it dun rillie botha meeh. i sit next ta MinH NgUyEn,
she's a kyootie, we gotZ tha same J-Lo ShiRt hehe! she fun
to talk to. her nails r so hellaZ tite. her auntie did them
hehe dey hab her nameZ an doggie prints. nichole and KT r
at muh tableZ too, ish tite! dey so phunny, cuz KT hates
nicholeZ sistah danielleaphant hee! den MinhZ thangie looks
like a turtle wit a rillie long neck, mine is HELLa scurry!
ish got wack azz teeff an big GW hurr! Michaela ish in muh
class an i tink she makeZ up like urrthang she says
ferreals! like 30 pplZ outside her hizzle at 4 in da
mornin... NAHHHH! then AlliSon beeh in da clizzas tooZ an
she all act all nice to meeh an stuff but i kno all da
shiot she talks! she tink i dunt but I DOZ! den ummZ i got
LA/SS wit perkinZ but afta pottery i went back to da lockah
an got da envolope ish fo da letter to MEEH! an i walked
back up wit Jacob Burger... he kinda cute, he jus more
nice. i saw turtle humper (yAn) on da way, buh he jus walk
past meeh... not eben look :? so i go to tha comp lab but
on da way me an Alexa walk thru
the "cafaterium"(wtfishness) to see pplZ at lunch... dey
all chowin dash when i wave to Stef an see StEveN hehe he
all " why u all up in hurr" im lik jus cuz, he sittin my
YaN but i no say ish. den we get to da library an MrZ P all
like "glad to hab u guys hurr too" ta meeh an Alexa im
likeZ oopZ!eZ den i hab ta make a resume... OHH FUN! den
dat next period all borin... i tink cuz i dun memba heheP
den i gotZ lunch it was okieZ i sat by Igor den Charlie
needZ to sit down so i gib him my spot, he's like sank u
cizzle den he burn me wit a cheeseburger GRR raWr hehe so i
go talk to Amanda an Erin fo a while an Sarah so me an Lena
go take a walk, i borrowed one of her prettifull bracelets
(pink wit water an sparkles inside) an we (ash an lena)
getZ free lollipops from Ben HarTman (yuck)so i talk to
Igor, gib him half of my starburst, he bein extra nice
lately... wush up wit all my guy frenZ not bN all ishy??
afta dat i go to maff, i see steven in da hall i talk to
him a lito, after i pet yanZ chest heheZ cuz his ecko shirt
gotZ lito beads (i memba when he got it) an igor like
rippin up a peach in his locka... WEIRDO he tyte tho, yan
all like "WTF!" an steven like Yo cizzle, u wantZ ta go see
Barbershop dis weeken, im like Hale YeaH, im down. so he
like it i'll go to paulZ den we'll go. hehe yay yay! den
Braulio all like yah, ur mom can drive us all.. but i dun
tink so cuz she drove, amanda, jon, paul, steven an yan to
Swimfan on saturday, it was aight, i didn't even talk to
steven or jon or yan hehe, i sat by paul an amanda. it was
funny cuz amandaZ all obsessed wit yan an da movieZ bout
and obsessed woman hehehZ! maff was fun, SlaviK is great to
look at when u bored (eyeCanDieZ) dat boi ish KyOoTe! no, i
dun like him like DAT jeesh taylor an yan all sayin i do,
she told dalaino and phil dat i did GRR! so i get my grade
back ish likeUh 87% B im like nahhh so i go talk to her...
find outZ she added wrong... wtf i thought she was a maff
teachaH? den i leabZ an go to Spanish (yuCKK) on da way i
talk to YaN boutZ da retard chasin me yestadai, i tink dats
tha most i talked to him sofar. he told me a story too. but
dat Yoshi or Kiro or w/e his name is chasin me yestadai...
SCURRY ish. he like "NO, shutup green eyes!" den he chase
me GEEZE! so meeh an Alexa gotZ ta go up infront of da
class an hab a convo in spanish... omg we messed up HECKA,
it was soooo gay! so now she like pissed at meeh, eben tho
she da one dat forget tooZ hehe! oh welpZ so den ish tyme
to go HomeZ to da Hizzle! i talked to paulie afta skool, an
listen to some NellY wit him. dayum he lifted up his shirt
(hotishness) fer reals... he muh bestfren but dayum his
body!! an steven durr all like stick his sucker in muh
mouff an ish, den paulZ like i wanna suck an stevenZ like
aight man an he starts to pull down his pants.. dayum
phunny ish! so yan leave an don't even say buhbye! phine be
dat wai! his mom came an he takeZ da bus, what a hooch! so
i walkZ home wit Slavik fo a whileZ den Erin say dat she
dun wanna walk home wit emily so she hasta walk wit us...
ish jus cuz she's in love wit him hehe. den Christine an
stef walk wit us too, ish so cute, christine hab cotton
candi and she gib me some, so i break it in half an gib
some ta SlaViK eben dough he didn't ask an he takes it out
muh hand like dank u! ish cute cuz i kno he wants some but
he dun ask, he always rubs muh fingaZ when i hand him
somthin or i try to get somthin out his hands hehe (i dun
mind) den matt comes up on his bike GROSS! i dun eben wanna
look at him no more, im like dun talk to me, he's like i
wasn't bitch an fuck u an stuff but he sayin my name im
like gaaaaaaaaawd lemmie da hale alone! im glad he dun hang
out wit muh homieZ. so i getZ home an uhhh i forgot but den
i gotZ ta get ready fo soccer, im almost all ready but i
dun hab my socks or cleats on, my daddy gets home den he
starts freakin out talkin bout how i ain't ready so he's
like phine i ain't takin ya, u gotta wait till ur mom comes
home an ish im like ite w/e u kno so she gets home, drives
me... listinin ta Alicia KeyZ on da way, i lub dat song,
gurlfriend ish like "im jealous of ur guuuuuurlfren" hehe
im feelin dat *hint manda hint* so i gets there Herrick an
somotha guy dun kno r there ima wearin my ecko sweatshirt
an so one coach all like ite colleen quick lap cuz the rest
pplZ already dun cuz ima late den da otha one like... nah u
ran hard enough on Sundai so im like YAY, muh coach dun
make me do ish cuz i work da hardest and actually try at
practice ish tite. den taylor shows up wit emily SICK hehe
onlie to tell me dat her an whats his name didn't rillie
break up! what.. she so confuZiN sheesh! so practice seemed
like it onlie lasted 25 mins den KT and Stiner show up...
but in da middoh aLeX pArK shows up(hottieeeeeeee) dat one
AZN sk8r kid, KhinH knoZ him, i tink he PHINE! den muh
momma drops me off so she can go to curriculum*sp? nite an
when i walk in da door i grab some reeces and boutZ ta go
up to katieZ room when i hear.. he colleen come down here,
im like UHHHH all loud cuz i almost all da wai up da stairs
den he's like are u disrespectin me AGAIN... im like uhh
no, den he's like u kno y i didn't drive u rite im like
yeah u told me den hes like okie, i took spechoo off work
jus to take u (eben tho he gets home dat time anyway) an u
ain't ready, den im lookin at da chickin he makin he like
why u lookin ovah durr when im ova hurr, he's like da world
don't evolve around u an ish! dayum he pisses me off
hellA~~! i eatZ dinnah, do da h/w an go watch RW LV on MTV,
ish a good one, Altons ex calls an says she tinks she gonna
hab a baybie! scurry fer him, an rochelle an steven all
habin hella sex an ish so george or fred or w/e his name is
gets all mad an ish.. hehe good showZ den i im Jon an add a
s/n from his subprofile to my B/L onlie to find out dat dey
on, i read they info it says read my diary so i click it
den i decide to make my own and stay up 2 hours longer then
expected! whoosH! so now ish time fer bed cuz ish 1 04 am
dayum! hehe kennY im me he so cool den nathan an cory, i
wanna meet them... gRR i gots YG tomorrow, i hope Tana is
thurr... or else... RaWr alitaZ coo doh! okieZ ima outZ
now! i dunno who gonna be readin dis... da onlie ppLz i'd
tell boutZ it rite now ish Tone' an Lena.. my BFzF! ite
now.. much luvZ! who should i dream about anyway? lesh jus
see what happens, i'll tell u tomorrow!! buh baiZ!

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