my life...
2001-07-27 04:23:18 (UTC)


Dear Diary~
Today was a normal day. I really didn't do work around the
house, instead I did a little of my spanish work for the
summer. Then, Amy came to pick me up and we went over this
guy's house. That was kinda scary. Erin and I sat in her
car and watched cars drive by. I swear we were the only
caucasians there. Anyways, Mike hasn't called. I miss him
lol. If he reads this he'll probably think I am psycho. I
am not though. I mean the kid is just awesome :)I am not so
sure that he as crazy about me as I am about him. I just
wish that him and I would be able to spend a night together
alone. Not for sick reasons either. It would just be
more...romantic. Well I am out of here for now. :)