Life of Nevadagirl
2002-09-25 07:08:01 (UTC)

what did i just do.. 092402

well in my last entry i stated that one of my "friends"
indicated he wanted to basically be who know what ever we
were before, and it would probably only be here and there,
so he sent me this email saying well i hope you are
thinking on the same wave length and if so email me with
your number, and i did, only i want to tell him i miss him
you know, hes the kinda guy i never thought i could get
with, hes preppy and has money, and hes white, im always
getting with mexican guys, not that that is bad, because i
really think some of them are so fine, but so are all kinds
of guys, God sure made some guys really good looking..
anyway, i just never saw someone like him getting with me,
and we have known each other for like maybe 3 years now,
and we always pretty much had fun, but we always had sex
too, so i think i maybe shouldnt have given him the number,
but i just want to tell him i miss him., but i also know im
not strong enough to say no if hes here.....oh boy what do
i do? i dont like this, it makes me sound like a slut,
yuck.......but i do miss him, but i think i also know that
it will only be once in a great while and its probably
going make me feel worse as soon as he leaves, yeah why
have sex if hes not even going to be around? i wonder, was
it bad to give the number, maybe he wont call, but i want
to see him , people dont always have to continue to have
sex just because thats all they had in the past do
they???????????/cant they be friends, or will the guy not
understand or want that??? well if hes using me, probably
not, eh???i hate being like this...gross